Hollywood Laser peel

Hollywood Laser peel

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The Hollywood Laser Peel got its name due to the huge number of requests for the treatment from celebrities and other well-known stars prior to their big red-carpet events. Now the Hollywood Laser Peel has become a must-have, before weddings, proms, and other special events.

As more and more people realize they barely need makeup following the treatment, many are making it a part of their monthly skin care routine The Hollywood Laser Peel is a kinder, gentler version of many other laser treatments. It’s safe for all skin types, can be performed any time of the year, and doesn’t have downtime .

It’s designed to help rejuvenate your appearance by diminishing the signs of aging or damaged skin. It also corrects uneven skin pigmentation and improves the appearance of pores, acne and scars. It’s mildly exfoliating, so you’re left with a softer, smoother skin texture, resulting in a glowing, more radiant appearance.